Why shop with Amor?

Every dollar you spend makes an impact somewhere…

We value creating justice and operating with integrity.

We have learned that supply chains are complicated and often unjust systems that deprive people of their rights as humans. Rather than empowering workers, unethical supply chains remove people’s dignity. Like you, we believe we can treat people who make the products we buy as our brothers and sisters, not just as a part of a transaction.

We believe things can be different.

Together, we can create justice in an industry that we all take part in. How we buy our clothes can build hope and can keep families together. 

Your purchases make an impact.

All proceeds from your purchases go toward our mission. Your purchase supports our team in Mexico as they work alongside groups and families and even funds programs like our pastors' Food Banks so they can feed families in their communities every month. When you shop at the Amor Store, you're transforming lives with every purchase.


    Amor partners with Solid T to provide the highest quality screen printing in every shirt we sell.

    Through printing our T shirts, Solid T empowers urban youth with job training, leadership development, an introduction to business and a culture of support and community.

    Solid T 4

    We have also partnered with Know The Origin, a completely transparent supply chain, as a step toward offering you traffick-free clothing. 

    KTO is a style-led ethical store that reconnects people with the hands that made their clothing. Their transparent supply chain educates us about the global impact of the fashion industry and brings us beautiful T shirts with a story.

    KTO workers

    Proceeds from all of our products keep families together.  

    The items you buy help fund Amor’s work in the communities we build.  
    Dad and family


    Join us in our movement toward justice!